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    Media Aware of the difficulties faced by women at different points in their lives, the medical and nursing team for maternity at the CHU Saint-Denis has created a place of welcome and guidance for all women victims of violence, of any kind whatsoever.

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    Context Situations of distress are particularly frequent in the region of Seine Saint-Denis because of the extreme insecurity that affects migrant women, women with complicated administrative status, and women who have lost social and familial ties. Our Center for family planning, which is at the front recherche femme 93300 for welcoming patients, is not able to address specific issues around sexual violence and mutilation. Additionally, there are visits per day seeking various opinions and advice—a figure constantly on the rise.

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    It recherche femme 93300 clear that a major project was crucial to develop. This violence is part of a larger continuum that is deeply rooted in gender stereotypes and extends to sexual crimes and marital murders.

    It has been implemented at the institutional level sinceboth through law and text as well as concrete achievements.

    recherche femme 93300

    The recherche femme 93300 proximity and the technical links to the specialized care offered by the hospital are essential elements of the quality and relevance of this project.

    It is a unique place, serving as a link between the city and the hospital. It promotes synergies with existing structures, both clinical services and connections within the sector.

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    The care team worked with an architectural firm to develop an emblematic project, symbolizing the concept of a welcoming home, respectful of the well-being of the women and of the serenity of the caregivers. The plans that address all the needs are as follows: Most professionals working in this organization are at post and are financed by the hospital. These two branches allow us to address all missions traditionally attributed to family recherche femme 93300 Take all sexualities into account Promote sexuality education Support the choice of contraception Listen and guide women who opt for an abortion Denounce recherche femme 93300 fight all forms of violence Fight against AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Infections STIs Favor motherhood by choice Train, inform and develop tools Various specific consultations are available and planned: The presence of associations involved at the city level recherche femme 93300 under way, and the midwife rencontre hollande iran already at post is the guarantor of coordination.

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    Our mid-term objective is to sustain the functioning of the organization by financing the professionals who are essential to the team and carry out all of our missions: We also wish to support the work of the team through analysis of practices and support. Hatem et M.

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