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Ordonné prêtre en Envoyé au Congo Boma en Il fut professeur au Recherche femme de menage montpellier Séminaire de Mbata Kiela, qui se prépare à célébrer son centenaire.

rencontre in memoriam parole

Mgr Basile, Vicaire général de Boma, le signale, en disant: Un grand missionnaire, il a aimé la mission, il a marqué des foules. Le devoir de rencontre in memoriam parole nous oblige donc à dire un grand merci à notre Supérieur provincial pour cette mission réussie. En fait, de son vivant, Michel était un saint homme. En fait, la sainteté de Michel nous a épargnés toutes les tracasseries tout au long de notre deuxième voyage à Mbanza Kongo, avec détermination pour ne pas effectuer un troisième voyage.

Il est bon de retenir que Michel est le troisième confrère à flirter site inhumé en terre de mission et, plus tard, transféré, à savoir: Nous pouvons dire de même pour Michel: Le pourquoi se trouve dans le verset En fait, dit Saint Paul: En rapport avec Michel Decraene, nous pouvons donc dire que la mission a été accomplie et nous nous en réjouissons tous ensemble car, ses restes mortels sont désormais parmi nous.

Nous sommes convaincus que Michel, comme un saint homme, nous a épargnés les tracasseries pendant nos deux voyages effectués à Mbanza Kongo. First vows in Ordained priest in Sent to Congo Boma in Died in Mbanza Kongo Angola on May 22, at the age of Michel Decraene was born in in Mouscron, Belgium.

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He made his first vow inwas ordained inand then sent to Congo in in the diocese of Boma. He was a teacher at Mbata Kiela Minor Seminary which was preparing to celebrate its centenary. After his term of office inhe returned to Kinshasa and left for Mbanza Kongo Angolawhere he died on May 22, at the rencontre in memoriam parole of 58, when he was still available and very enthusiastic to start a new insertion in the Parish of Noki Angolaa few kilometers from the port city of Matadi in Bas Kongo Province, current Kongo-Central.

Michel Decraene who will now await his resurrection with the confreres who preceded us to the House of the Fr. Buried in his mission land, Michel lived for almost 25 years in the cemetery of the Franciscan Sisters of Mbanza Kongo, in Angola, where he was buried with four other women religious missionaries of the first evangelizations in this diocese, who died respectively in,and The fundamental reason rencontre in memoriam parole this transfer of mortal remains is the old age tchat rencontre ado kiss this cemetery, which was more than a century old, on a plot of more than 40 m2, currently partitioned between a military camp, new houses, and a dump.

Hence, the need for the exhumation and the transfer of the mortal remains. The remains of the bodies of these valiant religious and missionaries could, therefore, be transferred elsewhere, that is, in another cemetery of their Province in Angola, for the Franciscan Sisters, and the cemetery of the Buisson Ardent Novitiate of Mbudi, in Kinshasa, for Fr. The results of the exhumation, as revealed by the forensic doctor, are as follows: During the exhumation of the latter, in addition to bodily remains, we found two crosses that were worn by each of the Sisters buried in and We found his skull and denture intact, his roman collar, violet stole, long and short bones, woollen blanket, and other cloths that were used to wrap him during the burial.

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In the procession, we took the path that leads to the Church of the Sisters, where Msgr. It is these mortal remains that we brought back, apart from the linens that were used rencontre in memoriam parole his burial in Mbanza Kongo. This man, with the appearance of a true athlete but flexible in the pastoral field, marked of his presence the diocese of Boma.

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A great missionary; he loved the mission; he moved the crowd. In the same way, Fr.

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Albert Vuna, formator rencontre in memoriam parole the Major Seminary of Boma, expressed a wish: All the CICM confreres currently in mission territory, especially the first four of Ngoya, who knew him for having preached a retreat at the beginning of the academic yearare proud that his mortal remains rest in peace in Kinshasa.

Personally, I have known him during the whole process of my initial formation until becoming a priest, and he appointed me for the formation of young CICM, in the light of his example. Basically, he made me what I am today: The duty of remembrance obliges us to say rencontre 123love big thank you to our Provincial Superior for this successful mission.

In fact, it is a visible sign of belonging to CICM, our common heritage, not to mention the obligation of gratitude to the confreres and the faithful of the Province of Kinshasa, who accompanied us with their prayers and moral support for this great achievement. During his life, Fr. Michel Decraene had demonstrated his sense of belonging and leadership in CICM, to elders and young people in formation, as a religious and missionary endowed with qualities and virtues.

As a philologist, he devoted a good part of his life to the formation of the diocesan clergy of Boma as a teacher.

It was a delicate and nobly assumed ministry which earned him the exercise of a third term as Rencontre in memoriam parole Superior, during the time of profound crisis experienced in Boma diocese.

Eleuthère, said: Mbadu of happy memory, who died before his exhumation, considered him a holy man. From Germany, Fr.

Mantuba says: Mbadu of happy memory regretted a lot, and we too, with him. He assumed the coordination of the Region of Africa while residing in Kinshasa. Inat the meeting of African CICM in Eyonda, our elders had decided that Michel did not participate in the works during the session. But at the end of the Assembly, the final text was given to him to react before all the African confreres as a special envoy of the then Rencontre in memoriam parole General, Paul Van Daelen, of happy memory.

Michel had rencontre gratuite 52 the whole Assembly by his wisdom. It was a prophetic gesture, and the way was paved for him to be elected Superior General at the 10th General Chapter in Rome in Before the transfer, Msgr. Indeed, while still alive, Michel was a holy man.

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The testimonies of those who have known him and who have met him affirm it. His holiness has manifested itself, and his mortal remains rencontre in memoriam parole now among us, and we too are witnesses of that. In fact, the holiness of Michel spared us all the hassle all along our second trip to Mbanza Kongo, with the determination to not make a third trip.

It was for us a different way of celebrating Holy Thursday, the day for priests, celebrated in faith, hope, and charity, with the remains of Michel in the vehicle on the way back from Mbanza Kongo to Lufu, to arrive in Kinshasa at Thus, we pay homage to a leading figure, a model for religious and missionary life, who stimulates us to be excellent in a context of mediocrity, while keeping hope in the future, as Msgr.

Fridolin Ambongo proclaimed it in his homily of Easter.

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It is good to remember that Michel is the third confrere to be buried in the mission land and later transferred, namely: Raphael de la Kethule, who died rencontre in memoriam parole Belgium was repatriated to Kinshasa; and Fr. Cardinal Malula of blessed memory cheered: We can say the same of Michel: The three biblical texts chosen for the liturgy of the burial of the remains of Michel Decraene invite us to live on this earth as good stewards, and not as owners of the life God has entrusted to us.

It is a matter of being true witnesses of the love of God, and witnesses of the Gospel to the faithful to whom we are sent, rencontre in memoriam parole rencontre in memoriam parole exercise of the overall pastoral work, with coherence, and according to the will of the Lord, in order to merit the inheritance promised by the Father.

Theresa of the Child Jesus, Patroness of the missions says. The first Epistle of St. Paul the Apostle to the Corinthians 1Cor The reason is in verse May the Lord help us to do what is good in the rencontre in memoriam parole entrusted to us, in our various services, and ministries; to respect the talents of everyone, to encourage each other for the good of our Congregation and our Province of Kinshasa.

The Gospel of St. Matthew Mt In connection with Michel Decraene, we can say that the mission has been accomplished and we all rejoice together because his mortal remains are now among us. We are convinced that Michel, as a holy man, spared us the hassle during our trips to Mbanza Kongo.

These contexts of liturgical celebrations honor the way our brother Michel lived, his rencontre in memoriam parole of serving the Lord in joy and holiness, in order to win the inheritance promised by the Father. That is why we can acclaim in unison: So, Father Michel rests henceforth with the other confreres who have preceded us in the peace of Christ. May the Blessed Virgin Mary, our Mother and the Mother of the Church, accompany us in our ministry of the evangelization of the peoples.